SumoSum at University of Hawaii Schidler Business School PACE Venture Challenge

SumoSum at UH Venture Competition

SumoSum memberships and demo were donated to competitors for free use during the UH Venture Competition, University of ...
SumoSum Image | Financial Forecasting Software App

SumoSum Launches New Paradigm in Financial Forecasting for Startups & Entrepreneurs

SumoSum launched this week as a financial forecasting software app to empower startups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and ...
SumoSum Startup Concept Development

5 Tips to Making Startup Financials Believable

In the startup world, it’s all about making a believable “hockey stick,” i.e., a growth or sales chart that takes a ...
SumoSum Podcast Logo

Free Consulting Sessions via SumoSum Podcast

During our Beta Launch phase, SumoSum offers free 30-minute forecasting sessions with your choice of one of the ...
SumoSum Startup Software App Enters the Ring

Hello World: SumoSum Enters Ring of Startup Software Apps 

We’re excited to introduce SumoSum, the latest in startup software apps. Over the last decade, we’ve created ...

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