Hello World: SumoSum Enters Ring of Startup Software Apps

SumoSum Startup Software App Enters the Ring

We’re excited to introduce SumoSum, the latest in startup software apps. Over the last decade, we’ve created innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum and apps. And while we’ve had a fair share of wins, we’ve also suffered at least our fair share of mistakes along the way, like not moving fast enough to stay with an evolving market.

Historical Startup Software Apps: From B-Plans to Decks

Over the last decade, we’ve observed the trend for startup business concept development move from business plan writing to slide deck building. From a software standpoint, it’s a tectonic shift from text-based forms to graphics-based tools. And in retrospect, the trend makes sense in light of the emergence of lean startup methodology in which pivoting has become the norm. Thus slides make it both easy to update key themes and pitch in an engaging fashion.

Next-Gen Startup Software Via the Numbers

But financials done at a high-quality level continue to be a missing link. While the improvement from text to visuals leans into lean-startup, the real proof of the pudding (i.e., financial forecasting) still lags behind. How important are the numbers? Ask anyone who’s been lambasted on Shark Tank for not knowing their numbers. And that’s nothing compared to the hurt you’ll suffer once operational if you miss your numbers. Frankly, the bottom line of business is profit generation and that’s numbers.

Thus, at SumoSum, we’ve created a process that starts with the numbers, then translates to text and decks. And with an interface that makes it easy to work numbers, you can’t miss a key business theme. Numbers can also be surgically updated. And numbers are the best-suited medium to compare side-by-side scenarios. And numbers can be used to generate insight graphics that illustrate business concepts. And numbers are universal around the globe no matter what language or culture. With these realizations in mind, we created SumoSum, the fast, easy and powerful way to create financial forecasts.

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