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Forecasting Made Visible… and Fun!

Everything you needs to shape ideas into a plan for the future.

Easy Inputs

SumoSum starts with a super-easy assumptions input panel. Includes instructions, default numbers, popup tooltips, dropdown category lists and trending shortcuts.

Visual Charts

Real-time charts provide insight and the power to visually shape your future. Also includes Financial Reports to provide funder-demanded data.

Team Collaboration

An unlimited number of team members can work on projects together. Includes built-in real-time comment and messaging channels.

Financial Forecasting Software Work Panel  |  SumoSum

Easy Assumptions » Visual Charts


Summary Thumbnail, Full Screen, PDF Print & PNG Download Versions

Income vs Expenses Chart SumoSum

Income vs Expenses

A bar chart that compares monthly income to expenses.

Income Chart SumoSum

Income Breakdown

A pie chart that shows relative levels of income.

Cash Balance Chart SumoSum

Cash Balance

A line chart that shows a monthly running balance of cash on hand.

Cash Flow Chart SumoSum

Cash Flow

A bar chart that shows each month’s net difference in cash reserves.

Use of Funds SumoSum

Use of Funds

A pie chart that shows relative levels of expenditures.

Burn Rate SumoSum

Burn Rate

A bar chart that shows monthly resources necessary to pay for expenses

Financial Reports

In-App & Print PDF Versions Including Footnotes

Income Statement SumoSum

Income Statement

A report that compares monthly income to expenses to determine net profit.

Cash Flow Report SumoSum

Cash Flow Report

A report that shows each month’s net difference in cash reserves.

Balance Sheet SumoSum

Balance Sheet

A report that compares assets against liabilities to determine net worth.

And More!

Teams & Advisors

Invite unlimited team members and advisors to work together.

Trending Shortcuts

Speed up forecasting with trending shortcut formulas.


Model variants as scenarios. Includes shortcut cloning.


Defend assumptions with footnotes that re included in Financial Reports.

Comment Channels

Exchange ideas through built-in comment channels.

Instant Messaging

Communicate with built-in real-time instant messaging.


Download Charts in PNG format and Reports in PDF format.

5-Year Financials

Choose from 6-month to 5-year financial forecasts.

Personal Account

Enjoy a free a personal account including a profile page.