Key Features

Easy Inputs

No need for spreadsheet skills. SumoSum’s assumptions panel includes instructions, tooltips and modeling shortcuts.

Visual Modeling

See real-time visual charts that generate as assumptions are entered. Visually shape your hockeystick to success.

Team Collaboration

Unlimited multiple users can create projects together in a collaborative environment.

See How It Works

Real-Time Charts

Cash Balance Chart SumoSum

Cash Balance

A running balance of cash on hand.

Income Chart SumoSum

Income Breakdown

Relative levels of income sources.

Income vs Expenses Chart SumoSum

Income vs Expenses

Compares monthly income to expenses.

Cash Flow Chart SumoSum

Cash Flow

Monthly net difference in cash.

Use of Funds SumoSum

Use of Funds

Relative levels of expenditures.

Burn Rate SumoSum

Burn Rate

Monthly expenses.

Financial Reports

Income Statement SumoSum

Income Statement

Compares monthly income to expenses to determine net profit.

Cash Flow Report SumoSum

Cash Flow Report

Shows each month’s net difference in cash reserves.

Balance Sheet SumoSum

Balance Sheet

Compares assets against liabilities to determine net worth.

And More!

Free Membership

Join free. No strings attached. Upgrade to download reports.

Unlimited Projects

Create as many projects as you like.

Project Scenarios

Model variants as scenarios. Includes shortcut cloning.

Project Teams

Team members & advisors can create projects together.


Projects can be part of a group such as school class.

Consultants Directory

Members can offer forecasting services to others.

Templates Library

Members can share scenario templates for others to use.

Trending Shortcuts

Speed up forecasting with trending shortcut formulas.


Defend assumptions with footnotes that are included in Financial Reports.

Comment Channels

Exchange ideas through built-in comment channels.

Instant Messaging

Communicate with built-in real-time instant messaging.

Forecast Lengths

Choose from 6-month to 5-year financial forecasts.