How Much Will You Make?

Financial forecasting software for non-financial entrepreneurs, startups, nonprofits & students.

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3 Easy Steps

Create a forecast from any device in minutes. Financial expertise not required.


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Enter Numbers

No need to be a math wiz. Just enter numbers like price, estimated sales and costs.


SumoSum Financial Forecasting Charts

Shape Results

Real-time charts provide visual insight and the power to shape your future.


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Download Files

Enhance decks with Chart graphics & win funding with traditional Financial Reports.

Shape Your Financial Future

Easy Inputs Coupled with Real-Time Visual Charts

With SumoSum, you can create forecasts like a pro with the experience of a rookie. Anyone can build a realistic forecast, perfect a pitch and prepare to win funding.

SumoSum’s secret sauce is a super-easy input system coupled with real-time charts to empower visual shaping of financials. It’s also a collaborative platform that allows an unlimited number of team members to work together. 

This is not accounting which records the past. SumoSum is about shaping your future: a future that you control. 

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Sound Bites

“I never thought I’d be able to create financials so easily. It’s fun to see your idea come to life.”

Selia M.


“It’s the fastest way to create a business concept and you’ll truly be ready to pitch.”

Evan L.

Startup Founder

“Our team used SumoSum in a competition and we’re already prepared to go to market.”

Karly T.

Hackathon Participant

Insights, Spotlights & News


5 Tips to Making Startup Financials Believable

5 Tips to Making Startup Financials Believable

In the startup world, it’s all about making a believable “hockey stick,” i.e., a growth or sales chart that takes a fast turn for the better and just keeps ascending. If you want funding or notoriety, you better have a hockey stick. But anyone can make a hockey stick in financial modeling, thus the challenge is making one that you can actually defend.

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Free Consulting Sessions via SumoSum Podcast

Free Consulting Sessions via SumoSum Podcast

During our Beta Launch phase, SumoSum offers free 30-minute forecasting sessions with your choice of one of the founding SumoSum authors. To be eligible for a free session, you must be a SumoSum member and agree to your session being taped and distributed as a SumoSum Podcast episode.

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