Financial Literacy Curriculum

11 Free Lessons to Financial Literacy Using SumoSum

Ideal for Entrepreneurship Programs

Pair SumoSum financial forecasting with any maker, project-based, design-thinking, hackathon, business plan competition, innovation or entrepreneurial experience.

Multi-User Team Forecasting

SumoSum can be used by individuals or by teams collaborating on projects.

Easy for Teachers

Lessons are self-explanatory, so teachers don’t need any prior financial experience or expertise. Use this lesson set over the course of a semester as hybrid curriculum, i.e., students can use it in-class or remotely.


  • Basic Reading Skills: SumoSum invites users at least 13 years old to create financial forecasts. Business expertise and math skills are not required. If you can read this paragraph, you’re prepared to use SumoSum.
  • Any Digital Device: Students can use SumoSum with any computing device including desktop, pad and smartphone.

Education Discounts

SumoSum offers membership discounts for schools, nonprofits and business organizations. Contact Us »