About SumoSum

Financial Forecasting for Everyone

SumoSum is an online financial forecasting and budgeting app designed to be powerful yet easy to use. With SumoSum, you don’t have to be an MBA or accountant to create a professional budget or financial forecast. Anyone including dreamers, entrepreneurs, startups, companies, nonprofits and students can create their own financial forecasts and budgets with this app.

Market Speed

Business success requires concept development tools that work at market speed. And in a world of lean startups (pivoting to success), there’s an emerging need for nimble planning and visual pitch presentation tools. This is it. There’s nothing more nimble and direct perfect your bottom line.

Numbers Count

SumoSum is premised on creating business concepts by starting with the numbers. Through a super-easy modeling panel, SumoSum acts as your business theme checklist. It’s a highly nimble system that allows you to easily capture and update your financial model as ideas occur. More importantly, you can download insight charts and forecast reports for use in presentations.