SumoSum memberships and demo were donated to competitors for free use during the UH Venture Competition, University of Hawaii at Manoa Schidler Business School Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE) today.

39-Second Explainer Video Saves the Day

To be completely transparent, Murphy’s Law raising its ugly head during the demo, locking out access to the application. But a 39-second explainer video on the marketing site was able to convey to participants key functionality of SumoSum. Note the positive sidebar comments in the image despite the lockout.

Huge Mahalo to UH Venture Competitors & PACE Team

So despite a rough presentation, competitors were exceptionally kind and supportive. Huge mahalo to the competitors for being so nice. Over the next week or two we pledge to work with competitors to strengthen financial forecasts once access is restored (likely tonight as the issue has already been identified and the dev team has pledged to not sleep until its fixed).

And huge mahalo to the PACE Team, Sandra Fujiyama, Krystal Lee and Tracy Taira for taking a flyer on SumoSum. We pledge to smash those login bugs and stay in competitors’ corners as they prepare to enter the ring.