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During our Beta Launch phase, SumoSum offers free 30-minute forecasting sessions with your choice of one of the founding SumoSum authors. To be eligible for a free session, you must be a SumoSum member and agree to your session being taped and distributed as a SumoSum Podcast episode. Click the following link to Apply for a Free SumoSum Session »

Keeping Your Secrets While Appearing in a SumoSum Podcast

While some may be skittish about revealing their secrets on a SumoSum podcast, others realize that they won’t have much of a business until customers know what the business is and what is offered. Also consider that the best businesses are built on inherent competitive advantages like being faster, smarter or control key resources which customers should know. Beyond advantages, intellectual property (“IP”) exists to retain a foothold in the market so consider locking up a patent, copyright, trademark or intuitive access (URL or physical location), then apply to our podcast to tell your story. From a marketing standpoint, no story, no business.

Podcast Episode Format

SumoSum podcast sessions include 10 minutes of prep including orienting you on how to shine and 20 minutes of financial modeling on a project of your choice. Sessions are taped on Zoom so we can capture screen views and talking heads. During the session, we will introduce you and your concept, then work with you as team members entering data to build your financial forecast. After the taping, you may eliminate us from your project team to ensure confidentiality of your data.

For Startups, Companies, Nonprofits, Students, etc.

We’re happy to accommodate just about anyone who needs financial modeling assistance including students and nonprofits.

Ready to be a Numbers Heavyweight?

Click the following link to Apply for a Free SumoSum Session »