SumoSum offers powerful financial shortcuts through trending features. These save you time and ensure greater accuracy. Access trending features in the far right of line items in your project’s Modeling Panel.

Same Monthly Variable: Make every month the same starting from a selected date. This is commonly used to quickly create step-up models. For example, select the start date and use this feature to make all months a single variable such as 100 units sold, then on each year’s anniversary date use the same routine with a different variable, such as 110 units sold, to create an increasing stepped progression.

Percentage Changes: Add a compounding monthly growth percentage for each month from a selected date. For example, a software app would use compounding percentage change to quickly model a viral growth progression.

Seasonal Pattern + Percentage Changes: Define a seasonal period and replicate the pattern in future years with an option to include a compounding percentage change. For example, a retail business can model an annual sales cycle (typically larger sales during holiday seasons), then replicate the cycle over multiple years with an annual growth rate.

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