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Validate your concept through a financial forecast in just minutes.


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No need to be a spreadsheet expert. Just add numbers to see your concept come to life.


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Real-time Charts & Reports empower your team to visually shape a project or concept.


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Upgrade your membership to download presentation-ready Charts and Reports.

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Empower your team to sculpt success. No need to be a spreadsheet jockey, programming expert or chart designer. Just add numbers and see your concept come to life.

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“I never thought I’d be able to create financials so easily. It’s fun to see your idea come to life.”

Selia M.


“It’s the fastest way to create a business concept and you’ll truly be ready to pitch.”

Evan L.

Startup Founder

“Our team used SumoSum in a competition and we’re already prepared to go to market.”

Karly T.

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When It’s Necessary to Include Employee Benefits

When It’s Necessary to Include Employee Benefits

"Stethoscope and piggy Bank" by 401(K) 2012 is licensed under CC BY-SA  2.0.Employee benefits are additional forms of compensation provided by employers to employees, beyond their regular wages or salary. These benefits are designed to enhance the overall work...

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